I’m back. My name is Tuan, a wedding photographer based in California who is obsessed with life, nature and sunlight. I love arts, Sci-Fi movies, reading comic books, good foods, traveling and seeking adventure off the grid.

For the last 3 years, traveling is not an option, I have been working closely with Encor Studio in Fountain Valley. And it’s time to start seeking adventure again.

My passion is to create wedding photos & films that evoke feelings, something visually beautiful and artistic but at the same time preserving deeper meaning and true emotion, capturing the essence of you & the story of your life.

I love it when you see me more than a service.

It’s about digging deep down under the skin, care about what you love and what are you passionate about.

Join and let me tell your story through photography and film, and have fun doing it!

Your story, beautifully told…


My work for Encor Studio got featured in CEREMONY California magazine